8 ways to protect your heavy truck

8 ways to protect your heavy truck: You need to consider some important points while parking your heavy truck to protect it from damages. Many truck accidents happen at the parking slots. Therefore, truckers must be very careful while parking their heavy trucks. You may lose a huge amount of your investment with the accidents. Huge damage happens for the truck owner-operators if their vehicles get damaged.

3 Main Reasons for Truck Damages at Truck Stops

Let’s see the main three reasons for Truck Damages at Truck Stops.

  1. Longer Trucks

Is the many parking slots are old and built in the 1970s, they are short in length. Also, they are not able to modify or change the length of them. Is the parking slots are min length and the truck trailers are very large, there are huge chances of damaging lengthy trucks.

  1. Driver Trainers Teach at Truck Stops

It seems like a small problem. But it is a big issue when driver trainers coming to the large parking slots to train the trainees. When the untrained truckers drive the Big trucks without having complete knowledge of the trucks, there may huge damage happens to the trucks.

  1. Untrained Drivers

When untrained Drivers enter into the trucking industry it is a big issue for damages. When they drive high length vehicles rapidly, then the trucks are getting damaged.

The cost of repairing damaged vehicles is high compared to the parking fee. Therefore, it is better to avoid the damages happening at the parking slots.

8 Ways to Protect your Truck from Damages

There is no particular way to end the damages of trucks. But we can reduce the damages by taking care of some important things.

  1. Try to park your heavy vehicles at the back end of the parking places. Most truckers will place their vehicles at the closest place of the buildings. Therefore, if you place your vehicles at the back end there may chance to avoid damages to trucks.
  2. Park your heavy vehicle with one side of the truck. Don’t try to park it with a light pole. This will help you to avoid the chance of another truck backing.
  3. The risky thing truckers need to consider is to avoid busy parking slots. Choose the low traffic parking slots such as fuel stations and also pilot centers. Select the larger and safe places to protect your truck from damage.
  4. Stop reaching early for the night to get the best parking area.
  5. Select the place between the two trucks which are not moving from the night.
  6. It is better to observe the details of your neighbor truck. All the details like company name, license, etc need to note down by you.
  7. Carefully watch your trucks back in beside you. If you feel any trouble there, then immediately take out your truck from that place.
  8. If possible place dash cams in your truck to protect your investment on huge trucks.

8 ways to protect your heavy truck. Protect your truck from Damages by following all the above tips.

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