Federal Form 2290 HVUT VIN Correction

Federal Form 2290 HVUT VIN Correction: Have you entered the wrong VIN number when filing your HVUT through Form 2290? Correct your Vehicle Identification Number by correcting your Federal Form 2290 HVUT. The online filing allows you to correct your VIN easily and comfortably within few steps.
Getting confused about what is VIN on Form 2290? We have provided you detailed information on Federal Form 2290 HVUT VIN correction. We’ll let you know about the importance of VIN on Form 2290 HVUT. You can also get to know about the vehicles which require VIN correction.

Importance of VIN on Form 2290 HVUT

VIN acts as a fingerprint for heavy motor vehicles. Because no two vehicles will have the same “Vehicle Identification Number”. The importance of VIN when filling out Form 2290 HVUT is given below:

Find your stolen vehicle

A VIN helps to find out the stolen vehicle in the event of theft. The higher authorities use the VIN to match a stolen vehicle to its rightful owner.

Verify your HVUT payment

The State Department of motor vehicles use VIN to check your HVUT information before issuing the vehicle registration tags. If you enter a wrong VIN, your state’s DMV may refuse to register your vehicle.

Detect criminal activity

With the help of Vehicle Identification Number, the IRS can identify the criminal activities, or fraudulent credit claims.

History of your vehicle

VIN helps the trucker to know the history of the heavy motor vehicle. It is used to track a vehicle as it changes ownership. Also, it helps the motor vehicle protected, and accurately registered.

What is Form 2290 HVUT VIN correction?

When you’ve made an error in entering your Vehicle Identification Number while paying HVUT on Form 2290, you need to correct the VIN. This process of modifying the error made in the VIN reported in the previously filed Form is called “Form 2290 HVUT VIN correction”. You need the details of the previously reported VIN to correct the VIN on Form 2290 HVUT. The HVUT Form 2290 may be rejected by the IRS when the VIN reported is incorrect.
For example: If you’re paying a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, for carrying out your heavy vehicles for business on public highways. Then you need to file Form 2290 reporting VIN for which you need to carry out the business or trade. When you’ve entered a wrong VIN on Form 2290, you need to correct VIN through the Form 2290 VIN correction process.

Types of Vehicles need 2290 VIN correction

Vehicle Identification Number is a 17-digit alpha-numeric number that is used to identify the vehicles. A VIN is required when filing Form 2290 return to report HVUT payments to the IRS. Generally, the vehicles are divided into three categories i.e., taxable vehicles, suspended vehicles, and credit vehicles. The taxable and suspended vehicles are eligible for VIN correction. You are not eligible to correct VIN for Credit Vehicles.

Taxable vehicles

A heavy motor vehicle of the taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more and travels more than 5,000 miles on public highways are taxable vehicles. You need VIN for taxable vehicles when you are paying HVUT through Form 2290.

Suspended vehicles

The vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or less and travels less than 5,000 miles on public highways are considered as suspended vehicles. There is no HVUT paid for suspended vehicles. But the truckers need to report the VIN through Form 2290 for suspended vehicles.

How to correct VIN on Form 2290 online?

Form 2290 VIN correction online made easy to the trucker who have e-filed their HVUT payments previously. Simple steps you need to follow to correct your VIN on the previously filed Form 2290 HVUT are given below:

  • If you’re a returning filer, login to the E-file account by providing your email address and password. Or else create a new e-file account.
  • Since you need to correct VIN of your previous Form 2290, select the option “VIN correction” from the dashboard of e-file service provider.
  • If you’ve used the same e-filing service to file previous Form 2290, then click on “yes” to continue your VIN correction.
  • When you’re a new filer but correcting the VIN of the previous Form 2290, then you need to enter the business details.
  • Click on next, then enter the previous VIN you’re correcting.
  • Enter the correct VIN and select the taxable gross weight of the vehicle.
  • Select the type of correction i.e., taxable vehicle or suspended vehicle.
  • Recheck the enter details i.e., old VIN, corrected VIN, and taxable gross weight.
  • Transmit the Form 2290 VIN correction and receive your IRS stamped Schedule 1 within minutes with corrected VIN.

Guidelines to Fill out VIN on Form 2290

VIN is a unique serial number used by the automobile industry to identify individual motor vehicles. It keeps a track of the vehicles issued in a taxable period. As we know, the VIN plays a major role in reporting the HVUT payments to the IRS. Follow the given instructions to fill out VIN on Form 2290 filing online:

  • Check whether the VIN number you’ve consists of 17 digits with alphabets and numbers.
  • VIN will not have some alphabets like “I”, “O”, “Q”. If you observe these alphabets, then the VIN entered is wrong.
  • You need to quote your VIN while filing HVUT on Form 2290.
  • If you’re filing multiple vehicles make sure, that you don’t enter the same VIN for two different heavy motor vehicles.

Which Form is used to correct VIN online?

Form 2290 HVUT amendment is used to correct VIN online. Truckers may use IRS Form 2290 amendment for the following reasons:

  • When the taxable gross weight of the vehicle increases during the period and the vehicle falls into a new category.
  • If the suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage limit of 5,000 miles.
  • When you enter an incorrect VIN while paying the HVUT payment to the IRS.

IRS Form 2290 online provides you to correct your VIN easily and safely. Just you need your old VIN which you’ve entered wrong and the exact VIN you need correction. Login or signup with us and correct your VIN fast within minutes. Get your instant Schedule 1 within minutes with a new VIN.

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