Is Your Truck making You Sleep?

Is Your Truck making You Sleep? Australian research said that many truck drivers are feeling drowsy because of the low-frequency vibrations released while they driving.  It is a very dangerous situation if the truck drivers fall asleep while they are there at the wheel. The drowsy feeling may affect them to make them tired and caused many accidents on the roads. Therefore, it is an important criterion need to point out to save truckers’ life.

An Australian researcher, Prof. Stephen Robinson who is ahead of the psychology department at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) went for a radio program called Quirks and Quarks. He said a few words about truckers’ life and their situation when they are on their drive. He and his team found that low-frequency vibrations (in the range of 4-7 hertz or cycles per second) which are releasing by the floor of a car and through the seat are affecting the drivers and becoming the reason for driver drowsiness.

The Robinson tested some volunteers who finished their work. As a result, they found that all the truckers who are going through the low frequency released by the vehicle are feeling drowsy. Also, this is becoming one of the main reasons for accidents. The tests are made for the truckers when they faced the low vibrations and also they won’t face the vibrations. After 15 or 30 minutes of rapid vibrations, drivers are feeling drowsy.

When a trucker feels tired, then there will many variations that occur for their heart. Also, many of the truck drivers are keeping their lives at risk to earn money. When they are going for long drives they must take care of themself. Because a small mistake on their drive will lead to huge accidents on the roads. Also, it will affect their personal and professional career. Therefore, it is every trucker’s responsibility to take care of the truck’s health and also their health when they do drive.

If truck holders feel drowsy or feeling stressed on their drive, they must take a rest for some time and start their drive after they feel better. To avoid all the problems, you need to follow some instructions and move with your truck.

Make sure your truck on proper condition before you start your drive. Also, do service for your truck regularly. Furthermore, there are also some important considerations regarding your health. You need to have healthy food every day. Keep some found with you rather than eating outside food. Do regular exercises for a healthy drive.

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