Truck Driver Shortage for Tax Year 2021

Truck Driver Shortage for Tax Year 2021: The North American trucking industry is facing many issues because of the shortage of truck drivers this year.

What Do you Mean by Truck Driver Shortage?

The number of truck drivers is huge in number in the United States. But the professional and qualified truck drivers are very less for the current tax year as they are searching for high-paid jobs. Also, they are looking for jobs that will use and benefit them.
Many truck holders do not love the career and future of the trucking industry.

Is it true that is there truly a shortage of drivers?

There might many chances in this belief of having fewer truck drivers. The truck drivers who have the training and high technical skills need to fulfill all the truck driving positions. But the truth is the payment for the truck drivers is very less and the conditions of their living environment also not satisfied with them. Every trucker might look for the best future when they join as truck drivers. But when they enter into the trucking industry they are realizing that there is very low pay for the truck drivers.

10 Reasons Why Truck Driver Shortage Happening?

  1. High Driver Turnover

    : Driver turnover rates are the main reason for the shortage of truck drivers. Many of the truck drivers are showing interest to do the truck driving job. But when they find that they have very low pay for their job then they are turning to other jobs. When the truckers feel they are underpaid, they are wishing to leave their present job and seeking for the other job and better working conditions.

  2. Low Wages:

    The cost of living for truck drivers increased but their income is very low. Truck drivers are not getting much pay for their work along with the increase in the cost of Goods.

  3. Too much Work Unpaid:

    Even though truck drivers pay attention to their driving job full time, they are not getting the exact salary for their work. Many companies are paying the amount on the mileage rather than paying according to the time they spent on work. Truckers spend much time in traffic, construction zones, and due to weather conditions, etc. But this time is not considered while giving a salary. Drivers are pushing to work too hard but they are not getting the proper pay.

  4. Restricted Driving Hours:

Every trucking industry must use ELD to track the timing hours of truckers. The ELD can easily track why the truckers delay their load. Because the tracking can help the truckers to know why the truck holders became late to reach the destination. The late to reach the destination is affecting truck holders to lose their pay.

  1. Unfair Fines:

    The FMCSA’s order to trucking industries that for all the truck drivers who crossed the law can be paying fine. Sometimes, the truckers may face many fines that are not deserved by them.

  2. Uncertain Future:

    With the developed technology, autonomous trucks are developing day by day. Therefore, there is no certainty for truck drivers’ future. This is also one of the reasons to face the shortage of truck drivers.

  3. Unfair treatment of drivers:

    Whatever the job a person does, they must be respected. In some places, truck drivers are not getting respect. To protect their self-respect, truck drivers are leaving their jobs and searching for other jobs.

  4. High level of risk:

    The truck driving job is dangerous compared to other jobs. They must spend long hours on their drive. Also, they should stay away from their home for long weeks. Furthermore, they must go through bad conditions of the weather, etc. Some truck drivers are seeking other jobs to avoid all the risks of their truck driving jobs.

  5. Time Away from Family and Friends:

    As every truck driver knows the truth that every truck driver should away from their family and friends when they are going for long trips. Where many truck drivers fearing to lose their families for a long time.

  6. Some Companies Scam Drivers:

    Many truck holders are facing scams by some trucking industries.

All these reasons are becoming the reason for the shortage of truck drivers for the tax year 2021.

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What to do to Solve the Shortage of Truck Drivers?

What to do to Solve the Shortage of Truck Drivers? You know that there is a shortage of truck drivers in the current tax year. The truck drivers are the only hope in this crisis situation. So, it is every person who responds to avoid the shortage of truck drivers in the trucking industry.

The trucking industry must follow some instructions to save the shortage of truck drivers.

  1. Companies Must Stop taking advantage of truck drivers who are working hard.

  2. Offer Fair Wages:

    The trucking companies must be loyal to the truck drivers. Providing some benefits to truck drivers is necessary for every truck company. Providing affordable health insurance, pension plans, and giving incentives and other benefits must provide by the trucking industries for every new and old truck driver. The payment made for truck drivers must be clear and worth every truck driver’s hard work. If you help the truck drivers with the correct worth for their sacrifice, then we will never hear about the shortage of truck drivers in the trucking industry.

  3. Make the Job More Appealing:

    Give rewards to the truck drivers for their hard work. Also, provide training programs also apprentice programs to make the drivers to potential drivers.

  4. Increase Freight Rates:

    There are also huge differences that occurred in freight rates. The payment for the truck drivers should increase along with the increase in the freight rates. The truck driver’s pay should be increased along with the increase in the work times, updated technology. Every truck driver must pay the exact amount for their hard work.

  5. Truck Driver career should be a recognized trade:

    The truck driving job must be recognized by the Governments and also by all the official and skilled trades. Also, it is mandatory to develop training programs and apprentice programs.

The Future of Truck Drivers

What are you thinking about the future of truck drivers? As the world is running only with truck drivers and truckers, it is mandatory to protect them and help them in all the ways possible for us. I can’t able to imagine the world without truck drivers. The shortage of truck drivers is a dangerous situation to imagine. If all the problems of truck drivers will not solve, then they will definitely look for a better opportunity outside of the trucking industry. So, the problems of truckers must be addressed and solved by trucking companies.

It’s time for the trucking companies to look at the problems of the truck drivers and provide a proper solution for them. Find out the real problems behind the shortage of truck drivers and take the steps forward to provide exact solutions for them.

Every trucker must pay the correct amount and they must be appreciated for their hard work. Also, they should give respect to their work. If you follow these steps, there may chance of an increase in the truck driver’s position.

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