Trucking Industry Changes that Affect Truck Driving Career

Trucking Industry Changes that Affect Truck Driving Career: The trucking industry growth has a different growth compared to other industries. There are various changes that occurred in the trucking industry. New technologies and developed thoughts and also you can see many changes in the trucking industry. Truckers can take advantage of many changes that came in the trucking industry. The changes will occur to get profits according to the growing world. As the expenses for our minimum needs are increasing, truck drivers should also get more money to survive in this world. Therefore, it is always better to know about the trucking industry changes to get huge and stay high in the trucking industry.

A trucking career is the best way to grow your future if you are really eager to enter the trucking industry. Let’s see some of the changes that happen in the trucking industry in the last few years.

Most Significant Changes in the Trucking Industry

  1. Technology Changes – ELD’s and Autonomous Trucks

Yes, it is a great chance that happened in the trucking industry. With the growing technology, the trucking industry also adapted to some changes.


There is a huge impact of ELDs in the trucking industry. This is one of the biggest changes in the trucking industry. ELD’s are worked great in the past few years and also helped a lot to protect the industry from threats. Many trucking industries show interest to include ELDs in their trucks. If they include it they can calculate the truck drivers driving time, the way they moved to the destination. It is easily informed about the trucking time.

Autonomous Trucks –

This is little worry info for truck drivers. Because of the growth of autonomous trucks, truck drivers’ jobs are affected. Autonomous trucks are self-driving vehicles and there is no requirement for truck drivers. Absolutely, the computer-driven trucks replace the driver jobs. But using autonomous trucks also create some mechanical problems. These problems can take many years to resolve.

Trucking Regulations – California Emissions and H.O.S

Hours of Service (H.O.S) –

Implementing ELD’s also concentrates on driver’s Hours of Service (HOS). The main attention of ELD’s is to calculate the drive time. Once upon a time, there are no electronic logs. In those days, the drivers can do anything and say many reasons for their driving time and routes. But there is no chance of escaping and drive for long hours than the dictated time by the Government. According to the rule, truck drivers must drive only for 14 hours. This rule is implemented many years ago. But no truck driver is taking it seriously. But now every trucker’s timing will count with the ELDs.

Emissions –

The other thing is California Emissions. All the trucks traveling to and from California follow strict regulations given by them.

 Variations in Payments

Each year, the trucking industry is growing. There is a high demand for truck drivers. Many companies are paying a huge amount to hire truck drivers. Also, they are offering bonuses to get professional drivers on their door. As with the growing technology, truck drivers also demanding a high amount as they need to strictly work on their surroundings.

Electric Trucks

Also, the trucks changed in their look and style. The innovative machines are coming into the trucking industry which runs smoothly.

Accept the Changes in the Trucking Industry

Accept the challenges and grow your career in the trucking industry. Firstly, choose the best company to work in. If you are really passionate to enter the trucking industry, just enter and grow step by step. Look for decent pay for your work. Also, think about the place where you can grow your career.

How to take the advantage of trucking Industry Changes?

Not in every place but there is a shortage of truck drivers in some areas. There are plenty of opportunities in the trucking industry to grow. It’s a good time to grow with the changes in the trucking industry. Have the advantages of all developments and move your truck to long distances.

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