When is IRS Form 2290 Online Filing Due Date?

Form 2290 Due Date is to File 2290 Online annually. The IRS Form 2290 Due Date different for new heavy vehicles and yearly reported vehicles. Normally, Tax Form 2290 Due Date starts from July 1st and continues till August 31st every year.

The tax holders, who want to File IRS 2290 Online for the present tax year 2021-2022 can report 2290 Form Online by September 3rd. Because as per the IRS Form 2290 Instructions, truck owners can File Form 2290 Online on the Business Days. You don’t have a chance to File IRS Tax Form 2290 on the Legal Holidays.

Therefore, as August 31st is the Saturday (Internal Revenue Service – Government Holiday), truckers need to report their heavy highway vehicles on the next business day. Truckers need to notice that on September 2nd also 2290 Online Forms will not accept by the IRS. Because September 2nd is the Government holiday which celebrated as a Labour Day. As labor day decided as a Government holiday you can File your Form 2290 Online and can Pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax by September 3rd. The Form 2290 tax Year begins on July 1st and ends on next year June 30.

What is the 2290 Tax Year?

Truckers need to File 2290 Online and Pay heavy use tax for the entire 2290 tax year. You don’t have a chance to pay half of the tax amount to the IRS. You have to pay the total tax amount by June 30th. Truckers or Business Owners can able to claim the extra amount they pay for the IRS. If any vehicle stolen, sold, or destroyed then you can claim the credit by using Form 8849. But you have to pay the 2290 HVUT amount for the complete tax year. Instantly, File IRS 2290 Online before the IRS Form 2290 Due Date to not pay penalty or interests.

What is the 2290 Due Date for New Vehicles?

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Payment and IRS Form 2290 Online Filing different for newly purchased vehicles. Any vehicle which is purchased new for this year must report to the IRS if their weight is huge. If you purchase a vehicle this month then you need to File Road Tax 2290 and Pay Heavy Highway Use Tax by the next month-end. Understand completely When to File Tax Form 2290 and Pay 2290 Highway Use Tax to the IRS for the newly started vehicles. Just see the examples to have a clear idea to File IRS 2290 Form Online.

Example 1:

If any vehicle purchased and started in the month of July then you need to File 2290 Tax Form and Pay Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax by the end of August 31st. The deadline for newly purchased vehicles in the month of July is August 31st. You should report your vehicle by August 31st. If not you must pay the penalty along with the tax amount. Therefore, E File Form 2290 and Pay Highway Tax 2290 by the end of the 2290 Due Date.

Example 2:

Also, if any vehicle purchased in the month of September then that vehicle needs to report by October 31st. If you are reporting more than one vehicle with the same first used month then you can use a single Form 2290. But if you are reporting the vehicles of different first used months then you need to report your heavy vehicles using different 2290 Forms. If any vehicle started running on the public highways in the month of September then they need to File IRS 2290 Electronically by October 31st. All the vehicles must report to the IRS when their vehicle mileage limit is high and runs on the public highways.


If you don’t pay your heavy highway vehicle use tax amount to the IRS in the IRS Tax Form 2290 Due Date then you need to pay an extra charge. The penalty amount is 4.5% of the total tax amount. Therefore, to not pay any penalty, you need to File Tax 2290 Form Online and Pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax within the Form 2290 Due Date.

Who needs to File 2290 Tax Online?

There are three categories mentioned by the IRS to File IRS Form 2290 Online. Truck holders who own a heavy vehicle with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more must File 2290 Form Online. In other cases, when the mileage limit exceeded 5,000 miles or more must File Form 2290 Online and need to Pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Online.
Also, you can File and Pay 2290 Online for the tax year 2021 2022 when the mileage limit of agricultural vehicles is exceeded then the 7,500 miles or more need to File 2290 Form Online and Pay Heavy Use Tax Online.

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