Transferring Your 2290 to a New Vehicle

Transferring Your 2290 to a New Vehicle: Do you want to transfer your 2290 Tax Form? If you recently purchased a new vehicle and wish to report it to the IRS, then you must go through the below instructions to File Form 2290 Online as a new truck owner.

All the heavy vehicles which started using this month should report their vehicles to the IRS by next month-end. Also, this month is treated as the first use month for the new reporting truck. The deadline becomes next month-end not depending on the date of purchase and use of this vehicle. The month only considered deciding the deadline of the Form 2290 Online Filing for new vehicles.

Example: If you purchased a vehicle on March 2nd, 2021 then the deadline for that vehicle becomes April 30th, 2021. Also, the heavy vehicle which bought and started on Mar 29th, 2021 also has its deadline by April 30th, 2021. In this way, the IRS decides the deadline for the trucks reporting with Tax Form 2290. You can easily transfer your 2290 to a new vehicle.

It is because Filing Form 2290 Online will take only a few minutes. Not days or not even weeks. Therefore, if you purchased a new heavy vehicle, then you must E File Form 2290 on or before the deadline to avoid penalties.

How do you Report your new truck to the IRS with Form 2290 Online?

The Form 2290 Online filing process is as easy as you think. Just simple steps make you happy with your IRS Authorized 2290 Schedule 1 proof. Yes, just simple steps and a few minutes of your time will help you to get your proof of payment for a new truck.

Ways of Reporting a New Truck:

  1. Efile IRS Form 2290 Online
  2. Claiming of Credit Online
  3. Get IRS Watermarked 2290 Schedule 1 Proof

The above three steps will help you to transfer your old vehicle 2290 Tax Form to New Vehicle IRS Tax Form 2290.

  1. Have the free registration on As we providing many services for free, free registration also one of our services for our lovable truckers. The registration is finished within 30 sec. If you already registered on our website or reported your other trucks, then no need of waiting for the registration process. Directly login and begin your process of Transferring Your 2290 to a New Vehicle. Let’s begin your truck reporting. You need to select the New Form 2290 and need to enter some of the required details in the required fields. First Used Month, EIN, Address, Mobile Number need to enter in their fields. Along with the above details, you also need to enter VIN, gross weight of the vehicle.
  2. The crucial point is now to reporting your credit vehicle. Click on the credit vehicle option and provide the details like VIN and Gross Weight of the Vehicle. Report the reason for claiming credit. Either your vehicle is sold, stolen, or destroyed. Also, you need to submit a proof for the credited vehicles.
  3. The last step is to make a payment after finishing the above steps. You can receive your IRS Tax Form 2290 Schedule 1 as early as possible after the immediate acceptance of the IRS.

Important Note: Do you want to take the paid amount as a refund rather than replacing it with sold, stolen, or destroyed vehicles, Or Do you want to get the paid amount on your old EIN of Form 2290? If you want to get the refund amount from the IRS or if you wish to get the amount of your old EIN payment, you can easily select the Form 8849 and get your refund.

All the above form filings such as Form 2290 and Form 8849 available on Therefore, File Tax Form 2290 Online by contacting us through +1-316-869-0948. You can also send your details to our email id:

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