COVID-19 screening service by Truck driver background & drug test company

COVID-19 screening service by Truck driver background & drug test company: In this Era of Pandemic situations HireRight’s Drug &Health launched a new COVID -19 testing services this could help to truck companies, that delivers companies with driver contextual checks.

As per the announcement on August 19, HireRight says we would provide COVID -19 Testing services to U.S trucking companies as of the part in Drug & health Screening services. In this pandemic time, we have done our business operation with safe measurements.

By using these Hire Right COVID -19 Testing service platforms, drivers can easily order a COVID-19 antigen screening test, this will help to save their time.

HireRight COVID -19 screening testing

In this HireRight COVID -19 screening testing, they are using Saliva to detect the presence of coronavirus in the human body. This could give better results compared to a Nasal swab to detect coronavirus.  By this process of results HireRight’s using pre-paid postage method, to collect samples then they send results to both trucking company and employee. This could help to an employee can be self-administered in Home.

(EEOC) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on June 17, 2021, they share information whether you’ve ever had COVID-19, those employers are not allowed to require mandatory antibody testing. This could cause a violation policy of the Americans Disabilities Act. For the active cases of COVID – 19 HireRight offered to allow for the Antigen screen test.

This pandemic COVID -19 has a huge impact on workforces to moving their business. This crisis should be a challenging time for companies and business organizations to move their business to the next level. Dr. Todd Simo, Chief Medical Officer at HireRight, He said that HireRight’s Drug & Health COVID -19 Screening Testing services will be an additional beneficiary tool for people who want to resume their business to moves forward. By the great exposure about COVID -19, we strictly reduce risk to their employee and customers.

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