Dot Announces Funding availability for Railway crossing projects

Dot Announces Funding availability for Railway crossing projects: The U.S. Department of Transportation has made available $50 million in grant funding to commuter rail agencies that are conducting projects to improve safety at railway-h

To improve safety at railway-highway crossings, The Transportation Department of the U.S has awarded $50 million grant funds to rail agencies to conducting development projects for improving safety measurements.

On August 25th DOT published the notice for the funding opportunity. This $50 million funding was awarded by Federal Highway Administration in the Commuter Authority Rail Safety Improvement (CARSI) Grants Program.

The main of this funding to commuter rail authorities to eliminate hazards at crossing points between railways and highways. That’s why FHWA Coordinate with Federal Railroad Administration and the Federal Transit Administration.

Federal Highway Administrator Nicole Nason said safety is always the top priority under the leadership of transportation Secretary ElaineChao. These grants will protect the lives of people who traveling roads and trains in America and also these grants help to improve local and regional transportation of state.

The main aim of these projects is to eliminate the hazards at crossings. For this, we need to rebuild the railroad crossing structure and also eliminate shift highways for grading crossings.

As per the FRA reports more than 94 % and 400 of all rail-related fatalities and injuries occur at railroad crossings and trespassing occur each year. Federal Railroad Administrator Ronald Batory said our main goal is to improve the safety measurements as per the nation’s infrastructure policy, and we always working hard to reach zero death rates at railway crossings.

For this DOT will accept the applications up to OCT 26. The eligibility process for this grant is that the commuter authority has previously experienced one accident that has been investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board between Jan. 1, 2008, and Dec. 31, 2018. We are welcoming the Applicants who are partners with their state departments of transportation.

FTA Deputy Administrator K. Jane Williams said, the main to working together with FHWA and FRA, is to improve safety measures at highway-rail crossings and prevent Collision’s and injuries levels. “Rail safety includes encouraging safe behavior around all rail crossings; these all things to make American public is safe at their nearby rail tracks.

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