Drivers challenges on the road Due to COVID

Drivers challenges on the road Due to COVID: It is happy that the nation is recovering from the COVID. But the Drivers are still facing COVID challenges on the road. Truck drivers are worked as heroes and helped all the general public. They played an important role during COVID. Still, the trucking industry plays an important role in our economy and in keeping store shelves stocked with the things we need and want.

When all the things have quieted down a bit, the trucking industry worked a lot. Also, it supplied all the necessary goods and services to help the nation. The regular supply chain is not stopped only because of the trucking industry. The store shelves are once again full and people are able to find the necessary things they need for everyday life with the help of the trucking industry.

Truckers are working hard to serve the nation. But many of the truckers are facing huge problems due to COVID. Let’s have a look at the trucker’s words on their life.

“A lot of us we spend a lot of time in our trucks,” says truck driver Denis Breedlove.

“Some of the governors closing down the rest areas that are putting an overburden of places for us to shut down for the night so the truck stops are filling up by life 2, 3 o’clock in the afternoon,” Breedlove says.

“Which is really dangerous because I mean if you’re parking on an off-ramp and cars coming in off of the highway at 65, 70 miles an hour and happens to hit the back end of a truck, you know that’s going to be quite devastating,” Breedlove says.

He also said that “They’ve turned me away after a 10, 11 hour day and I’m trying to get some food so that I can have some hot food in my belly before I go to sleep for 10 hours and them get back out on the road,”.

The trucking industry is working on the frontline to stay us out of risk.

FMSCA acting administrator Jim Mullen said in a letter to NATSO that “in the coming weeks and months, it will be critical that these businesses remain open, 24 hours a day, providing America’s truck drivers with fuel, food, showers, repair services and opportunities to rest.”

The COVID is still showing the effect on truckers’ life and also for their jobs. Drivers’ challenges on the road Due to COVID is still continuing on the roads.

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