Electric truck sales predict 54,000 electric semis on the road by 2025

Electric truck sales predict 54,000 electric semis on the road by 2025: The recent US study calculated and announced that a large number of electric semi-trucks are going to hit the road by 2025.

US-based energy analysts Wood Mackenzie conducted a study and takes into consideration the number of electric trucks on the road today, the government’s financial support of the transition, and local energy transition goals.

The study finalized that the electric truck market is expected to increase exponentially over the next few years. There is a chance of putting more than 54,000 electric trucks to work in the next five years, despite the existence of merely 2,000 electric truck charging stations across the country.

The study also estimates that charging facilities could number as many as 48,000 by 2025.

“Compared to passenger electric vehicle (EV) and electric bus penetration levels, the electric truck market is still in its infancy. Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MDV/HDV) are the second largest contributor to US transportation emissions, but much of the emissions reduction efforts thus far have centered on new diesel technologies and hybrids rather than pure electrification,” explained Kelly McCoy, Wood Mackenzie Research Analyst and author of the report.

Predict 54,000 electric semis on the road by 2025

A large number of electric trucks are going to enter the trucking industry. The trucking experts say that 54,000 may be low calculation considering the volume production Tesla is capable of according to an email leaked from Elon Musk, reported Teslarati.

Even though the Tesla has not yet confirmed about their production of electric semi-truck has started, Wood Mackenzie’s study estimates that the company is capable of producing electric semi-trucks at a far faster pace than just 54,000 in five years.

Electric truck sales predict 54,000 electric semis on the road by 2025 is the future prediction. For more truck news, keep in touch with irsform2290online.com

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