FMCSA Boss Acting Administrator Jim Mullen to Step Down

FMCSA Boss Acting Administrator Jim Mullen to Step Down: The DOT announced that the Acting Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is going to leaving the agency at the end of this month. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration ( FMCSA ), will be marching his Acting administrator position by this month’s End.

Recently FMCSA Agency conformed that Mr.Jim Mullen will step form Head position of FMCSA by end of August.

At this moment of leaving, we momentously appreciate the services of Jim Mullen to contribute to our Country. A Dot spokesperson authoritatively confirmed Mr. Wiley Deck will assume for the position of Administrator of FMCSA. Mr .wiley Deck formerly worked for Senior Policy Advisor and secretary for FMCSA.

In the year of 2019, Mullen marched for the position of Acting Administrator For FMCSA. During these months he was worked as Head Of FMCSA and they Launching it’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.

Last October, Raymond Martinez announced that he was stepping down for this position of FMCSA Administrator. He was also great at making his Hours of service regulations.

Before starting a consulting firm in 2016, Mullen served as the executive vice president and general counsel for Werner Enterprises.

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