How the largest truckload freight markets performed this week?

How the largest truckload freight markets performed this week? 11 out of 15 major truckload freight markets posted weekly gains yet again this week. Most truckload freight markets have been reporting consistently about their gains recently and this week was no exception. Outbound tender volumes gained steam week-over-week in Cleveland (16.32%) and Elizabeth, Laredo (20.10%), and New Jersey (7.39%). The markets with the largest declines in this week were Miami (-5.43%), Savannah (-10.43%), and Fresno (-2.78%).

How is the trucking market right now?

The 2020 year is a much different trucking year than in 2018 when the market was sparked by corporate hurricanes, tax cuts, and changes to electronic logging device (ELD) rules. There was so much optimism in the air that the industry thought it could last for years. It only lasted for a few months though as new truck capacity flooded the market and crashed rates.

No one can predict how long these trends remain for the future.

Expect an air cargo rates increase soon

In his weekly air cargo weekly wrap up Air Cargo Market: Eric Kulisch details exponential growth in volumes in Ontario, Brace for big rate hikes, California where the airport has seen five consecutive months of at least 20% growth in cargo tonnage.

Main Focus will be on driver needs during the next safety blitz

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced its annual 72-hour safety rules. It is scheduled for Sept. 9-11, which gives carriers just a little overtime to prepare.

The CVSA International Roadcheck, or Safety Week as it was canceled in May due to COVID-19. Clarissa Hawes has more on what CVSA will focus on with drivers and inspections in her article, Inspectors to focus on driver requirements during 72-hour blitz.

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