Truckers say it’s ‘hard enough’ in the trucking industry without drivers pulling stunts

Truckers say it’s ‘hard enough’ in the trucking industry without drivers pulling stunts: Recently an Australian truck driver posting a self-recorded video of himself sitting in the passenger seat of his moving semi-truck. After that video publishing, he faces harsh criticism from Australian citizens.

Initially, that video posted to the private Facebook group, but unfortunately, it was leaked to the public domain on August 22nd by angary a member.

In this video clip, the driver was resting in his feet on the dashboard, while he was sitting in the passenger seat. At that time truck barrels were down on the empty road. In this situation, the officials say at that time the truck was in cruise control and driver operating from the dashboard by holding the steering wheel in that place.

In that 50 seconds long video making a joke about the skill set of his nonexistent team driver. Keeping it on the road nice and steady, the driver continues. We drive all day and all night, hey Riggs? What do you reckon?” This conversion was self-recorded by himself with stupid stunts.

People who viewed this video footage from the sources of the Facebook group and from public domain sources, then people responded with

Both members of the private Facebook group and those who viewed the footage after it was leaked responded with disgrace and disbelief over the driver’s movements.


An Executive Officer of the South Australian Road Transport Association, Steve Shearer says that video not repressive of the industry; it is the stupid mindset people. It was the most ridiculous footage he’s seen in all of his 26 years in trucking.

Instead of sitting at the steering wheel in control of the truck, the driver was sitting in the passenger’s cabin to controlling the moving trucking it’s was not a good practice of tricks.

Steve Shearer continued to say our industry doesn’t want this kind of sort of behavior people; we need to keep our drivers incredibly safe on roads. In Yahoo News and he says a lot of people in the industry they moved to drivers positions to owners. This was the greatness of industry so nobody doesn’t want to leave this industry.

Polices are currently investigating that video, attempts have been made to contact the company. He is still employed with the company but is no longer in a driving position.

Truckers say it’s ‘hard enough’ in the trucking industry without drivers pulling stunts like this.. was today’s interesting news. For more truck news, just keep in touch with

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