U.S. Congressman Sam Graves to be featured on “Live From Exit 24”

U.S. Congressman Sam Graves to be featured on “Live From Exit 24”: Live from Exit 24(OOIDA) is encourages truck drivers to call in with a question or comment. This program was scheduled for every other Wednesday.

The U.S Representative Sam Graves, R-Missouri of the 6th District, will join the next episode of “Live From Exit 24” is scheduled for Wednesday at 11 a.m CST. In the U.S. House of Representatives Sam graves is one of the ranking committee members of on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Truck drivers and Listeners can call with a question or comment on this number 317-67-OOIDA (317-676-6432) during the live show. Mr. Sam Graves can answer about anything related to the role of Congress in highway funding, transportation, and trucking.

This live show was available on Live From Exit 24 website, OOIDA’s YouTube channel, or on OOIDA’s Facebook page, So listeners can opt these channels to watch the live show.

Sam Graves is a Small businessman and sixth-generation farmer. He was born in Tarkio, Missouri, and appeared at the University of Missouri-Columbia where he has completed his agriculture graduation. But now he is the U.S Top Republican in the committee members of Transportation all modes of transportation which include aviation, highways, rail transportations, maritime and waterborne transportations.

There are huge opportunities for live audio streaming sources on the internet, So OOIDA created “Live from Exit 24” to expand the communications levels.

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