UrgentCareTravel, EROAD to offer health services for truckers

UrgentCareTravel, EROAD to offer health services for truckers: Urgent Care Travel (UCT) Health’s services will applicable for EROAD customers also, these services are access while on the road by connecting telehealth and by other way is walk in medical clinics which are clinics located at Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers.

The main aim of UrgentCareTravel (UCT) is a team of medical clinic professional will be providing health care solutions to truck drivers, fleets and EROAD Customers.  We also agreed to offers UCT Health services to EROAD Customers. We are global provider in fleet management, electronic tax reporting and ELD compliance solutions.

According to EROAD, most of the professional drivers was suffers with chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertensions and obesity. Which Causes the professional drivers commercial driver’s license to one year or less. As of now many drivers do not treat their chronic conditions as needed due to the improper medical care while their traveling on roads. Which will affect on ability to drive and also causes billions of dollars annually in lost productivity.

UrgentCareTravel’s (UCT) health membership program offers no deductible pay services which includes health coaches and personalized healthcare care plans for chronic conditions. They also providing Dot physicals, drug screening, Covid -19 testing, in lab clinical services with mail order pharmacy services.  UCT gives a worth able offers to EROAD customers to access our health services anywhere on the road by connect via telehealth or direct medical clinics located at Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers.

The founder and CEO of UrgentCareTravel, Mr.Sivasuresh like to congratulate EROAD services For maintain drivers healthy on roads and taking leadership positions to work with their customers.  For making affordable and convenient health services EROAD’s Attention to making their solutions easy then they combined with UCT. It will make driver and fleets healthier. This will help to increase the revenue of the company.

The president of EROAD North America, Norm Ellis says we are happy to partner with UCT. Health and wellness are great extensions of EROAD. To maintain the driver’s health without any stress, it can be difficult keep the good healthy diet and exercise on road. Mainly they are   dealing with the challenges of COVID-19.

The partnership of EROAD and UCT willmore helpful to our customers to keep their drivers stay heathier, in this pandemic situation Good health is important to their family members and also their career.

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